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. they called in the u.s. ambassador to complain. they indicate that the national security agency collected data from 16 million spanish phone calls in a single month. >>> a drop despite strong iphone sales. they reported a profit of $7.5 billion or $8.26 a share. they had $37.5 billion. that was helped in part by iphones during the quarter. >>> consumer reports 2013 reliability ratings are out. toyota's lexus the most reliable in the survey. and gm's gmc coming in 9th overall. it revoked its recommendations for the camry, raf 4 and prius because of low crash test scores. >>> the sierra received several inches of snow and more is expected later today. changes overnight. by this afternoon the chain checkpoints removed. they are warning drivers to be cautious after reporting several spinouts and a jackknifed big rig. >> check on the numbers in tahoe. up to 8 inches of snow. as of right now. there is more snow on the way. wind gusts around here. 54miles an hour on the great highway. that is ocean beach. you have blowing stand across the great highway. that can cause a lot of trouble driving back an
. the washington post is reporting that the national security agency tapped into the main communication links for goggle and yahoo and collected millions of records for texts, audio, and video. no comment yet from the federal government. >>> president obama defended his health care plan while admitting there have been serious problems with the sign- up process. >> the website hasn't worked the way it's supposed to over these last couple of weeks. and as a consequence, a lot of people haven't had a chance to see how good the prices are. >> the president made the remarks during a speech in massachusets. a lot of people say that contrary to president obama's promise while campaigning for his plan, they have not been able to keep their health plan because insurers have canceled their policies. >>> dozens of employees fired for being in the country illegally. how it happened has some community leaders outraged. the investigators were handled by homeland security and ice. we are live now in san jose where two of those fired workers say they have nowhere to turn. f >> reporter: we're here at plaza i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2